Wednesday, March 16


While nearly everyone in the blogosphere is sitting there obsessing over mustaches (at least they were when I started this post), I'm sitting here, well, not really obsessing, but more loving and admiring airplanes.

When I first started this post, it was the day after we went kayaking at a part of the river that was fairly close to the airport. We could see planes landing and they were really close to the ground.

I think it's safe to say that I pretty much spent my entire day watching planes land. Landing is definitely my favourite part of flying. Well, that and take off.

The other day I bought a magazine called Australian Aviation. I don't think that I'm their target audience at all but it has some really interesting articles in it. But my favourite  part is the pictures. My favourite pictures were the Boeing 787 among the clouds and the Boeing 787 in Jet Star paint. Okay enough of hearing about my favourite pictures.

My dad recently put Windows 7 on one of our computers, the one that barely anyone used to use. My desktop? A Qantas A380 coming in to land over my city because I'm cool like that. If my sister weren't using it all the time with her tiger backgrounds, I would be on it all day everyday.

Airports are just as cool. I love their air condition-y goodness. Like the boarding calls being called and the newsagents selling last minute souvenirs. Did I ever tell you that time about that time in 2008 when we were going to Adelaide and I forgot to take my favourite pair of pretty purple scissors out of my pencil case and put in my checked luggage? Well they got taen away and I've never seen them again.

I don’t know why I love planes so much. Maybe it’s just the idea that everyone on that plane has a story, a reason for coming to here. Whether it be coming home, for business, or holiday. Or maybe they’re starting a new life here. Or, you know, it could just be the different aircraft models, paint jobs, and how they work. Because the latter is pretty cool.