Monday, April 18

I Dreamed a Dream About Idaho

When you read that post title, y'all were probably like lulwut? Because I don't live in Idaho and I've never even been out of Australia.

Anyway, onto the dream.

Our family was sitting at this vaguly familiar resaurant having a goodbye dinner for Mum, who was about to fly off to France. She was leaving at 4 the next morning, so I set my alarm so I could go to the airport.

We got to the airport, and I'm not too sure about the next bit, but it was a mall. In Idaho. So unless the restaurant was familiar from a TV show or movie or something, I have no idea how I got from Australia to a mall in Idaho. Actually, I'm pretty sure it was a mall-airport.

But it gets weirder. Mum wanted to buy one of those blue zippy lanyards from Smiggle, and I don't even know why. But then we bumped into one of my friends, not even one of my best friends.

When I told mum, she said my dreams were very detailed :P

I googled it, but I couldn't find anything and I'm not too sure what it means. Does anyone know?

I know this post is fairly short, but i don't know how to expand on it anymore.

Right now, I'm actually meant to be doing my science homework (grr. Hate science). But instead, I'm doing my second post in two days, after lately posting once a month. I'm not sure if I've just struck some sort of random, sudden inspiration, or what. And I'm not sure if it'll last, so ...

Sunday, April 17

Two Posts in One

Here are two posts for you. the first one I've been meaning to post for about a week now, but I'm only getting around to it now. But now I have another post to post, so I figure I'll put them together!

I Guess You Could Say I'm Obsessed - 12/4/11
Yes, that is me.
And for the record, Red Vines are the most discusting lolly in the universe. They will now go on display on my desk/shelf.

I Now Have an Awesome Hogwarts Shirt - 17/4/11

Yesterday I went shopping at Jay Jays. For the first time in my life. But you know How I really like Glee? Yeah, well they're having this promostion thing where you can buy Glee clothes.

So when I walked in there today, I was fully planning on walking out with one of those shirts. Until I saw the single rack with the grey tshirt with the Hogwarts logo on it. Compared to the racks and racks and racks of Glee clothing which took me quite some time to spot.

If this is like, some phycological thing or something, that means I'm a bigger HP fan than a Gleek. I can spot the single HP rack quicker than the racks and racks of Glee stuff.

If I had enough money, I would have gotten one of each, but that would have been $40. and I only had $30 dollars. And I'd already bought a Harry Potter poster. I was going to buy the HP7 dvd, but I didn't, but now I'm glad because I will ALWAYS be able to buy that dvd. They still sell the Philosophers Stone, from 10 years ago. But as soon as that JayJays stock runs out, I'll never be able to buy it.

Saturday, April 9

The Justin Bieber Movie is Actually Pretty Good.

Before I start this, I just want to let you all know that no, I'm not a Belieber. But I don't hate him either.

Anyway, me and 3 friends were going to go see it today in 3D, but it was cancelled at the last minute. I still really wanted to go, so I asked my other friend, who couldn't come, so I ended up going with my sister and her friend, who was sleeping over.

I saw about a hundred people at the cinemas who I know. I think most of them were seeing Justin Bieber as well.

You know the ads before the movie? Those is one of my favourite parts of the movie! I now have a list of movies I really want to see.

But onto the actual movie. There was a lot of purple. But apart from that it was pretty good.

It basically started with clips and photos from when he was a baby/young child then about him getting picked up for a record deal, all while counting down to his Madison Square Garden concert. I liked the backstage bits the best, but they could have had a few more.

Some of the girls they showed though... seriously. The bits where JB's manager and mum (?) were giving away tickets were so funny. So was every other scene with screaming fangirls.

I don't get why everyone hates him though. He's just a 17 year old kid who is doing what he loves and following his dreams. What did he ever do to you? And how would you feel if someone randomly started hating you, because it was the cool thing to do, or because he sounds too much like a girl?

Any you know what's awkward? When you're wearing a cheap pair of jeans you bought in Sydney, and you go to the toilet before you leave and the button that does them up breaks, then when you go to the toilet after the movie, your belt won't come undone so you tug it but it ends up breaking and you walk around with your pants falling down, the fly sort of coming undone and no belt.

This has been a mixed up, one topic-ed post.