Monday, May 24

If I Hear It One More Time...

 I think I might scream. My sister is doing Stairway to Heaven for her piano recital, and has just been playing it for about 20 minutes, and as loud as the iPod speakers will go.

Your probably bored reading that though, so now I will tell you about something equally boring.

Today, we had a relief teacher, so we got to play basket ball in the afternoon. I have actually come to like basket ball quite a bit, after playing it every Saturday after netball. So I obviously played, excited to show my very limited skills off. Excpet about 5 minutes into the game,  I was wrestling the ball from my best friend, and I fell over and rolled my ankle. So sad, I wanted to play badly, and you probably wanted to read something actually interesting, so BYEE :)

Currently obsessing over:
Can't stop playing: Goodbye Earl by The Dixie Chicks. The bit that goes  Right away Mary Anne flew in from Atalnta, On a red eye midnight flight, She held Wanda's hand as they worked out a plan,And it didn't take long to decided, That Earl had to die makes me cry :(

Wants to tell you: to try not to roll your ankle when you play a sport you like.

P.S. Like the new design?

Saturday, May 22

It's Raining, It's Poring...

 I'm trying to play netball,
my shoes go *squelch*,
I can't think of anymore lines
So you should just read my po-ost.
(to the tune of It's Raining ,It's Poring)

Like my song about netball this moring? No? Neither do I :P

Anyway, because I can't write songs, I'm just going to say what happened.

Our team has been put up two divisions after winning all of the grading games, and are now in one of the higest divisions for our age. And toady, during I think it was the second quarter, it started sprinkling with rain, and then started bulleting rain (yes, I made up that word) in our eyes. Luckily, our team was shooting away from the rain. Don't you just love playing in the rain? I do :P


Currently obsessing over: ROUTE 66. Da dada da da da da. The song, not the actual highway. (THIS version. All the others aren't as good.) :P
Currently reading: Uh, the text I'm typing?
Can't stop playing: Route 66 on my iPod. I LOVE that song.
Want's to tell you: The people who comment on my site make me REALLY happy :) Thanks Guys!

Wednesday, May 19

A NEW Blogger Name

Currently (and as you SHOULD know, my blogger name is Frangipani42. But only beacuse that's my Club Penguin name, and I started out blogging about CP. And now I feel like strting new, with a new name. So, I want to know what you think I should call myself. Having Frangipani in it WOULD be nice. Let those creative juices FLOWWWWWW man.

UPDATE: I like the beach and I play netball, which I quite enjoy. Maybe you should look at my header? I made that as me as I could =D


Hello guys! Like jelly? Well then maybe you shouldn't read this, it might make your mouth water.


Anyway, at my school, my class is holding a fundraiser to (obviously) raise money. And this time, we are making and selling jelly. I honestly think I will be sick of it by tomorrow. The good part though? I had to bring some home to cook, and cool, because we ran out of space in every fridge in the school =P

Update on the Jelly: (started this post on Tuesday)
Toady we failed. So we need to sell the 170 jelly cups left tomorrow. Now I think I'm sick of jelly, at least for another few weeks.

Also, is it too late to tell you about my weekend? Anyway, on Saturday, we won our first basketball game of the season, and we won netball (like normal). Except now we are playing in the top grade in my year. That means and extra 20 minutes on court. (Now 15 min quarters, not 10).
Then on Sunday, I went to see Avatar in 3D. We saw it in December, but that was at the Drive Ins, not the 3D cinema. All I can say is *amazing*. There's a lot of scenes I don't remember from December, so it was like a whole new movie.*SPOILERS ALERT* My favourite character was Trudy, because of how brave he was. I also liked her hair *smiles sheepishly* and I was really sad when her and Grace died. I can't believe humans can be so inconsiderate and take over/destroy land that they don't even own. *Spoilers Ended* I can't wait to get Avatar on DVD. I give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5.


And I came up with something to add to my signature. It's a bit like the teen Girl's Daybook hat I want to do, but don't have time. Like them?
Currently obsessing over: Avatar in 3D. GO TRUDY!
Currently reading: The Adventures of Amabel. I found it on my desk at school, so I'm like... okay.... It's actually pretty good =D
Can't stop playing: High School Hero on my iPod Touch. And it's FREE!
Wants to tell you: Like the new signature questions?

Wednesday, May 12

Summer Awaits Blog Party, and The Week of Tests *DUN DUN DUN*

How old are you and when is your birthday: My Birthday? Now, why would I tell you that? I am in year 7 though :P

What's your favorite color: I like a lot of colours. But I like the colours in my current background (Lime Green, brown, aqua, hot pink)

Do you have any pets: I have a farm. 1 cat, 2 dogs, 1 guinea pig, 1 budgie, and an unknown amount of fish (I Think :P)

Do you have any siblings: Yes, 1 brother and 1 sister

What's your favorite food: I like pizza. And Nachos. And Oranges (strangely though, I only like oranges for part of the year. Strange...) I LOVE food.

What's your favorite book: Hmm... Princess Diaries, Harry Potter, Wings (TOTALLY recommend it BTW), End of The Alphabet, and like the questions above and below, LOTS more.

What's your favorite Movie/TV show: gLee!!!!! and Survivor (the reality show) =D Oh, and Back to The Future, and about a million more that will take too long to list.

What are your hobbies: Well, I like blogging, but my biggest hobby of all is probably HIDE AND SEEK!!! (Can that count as a hobby?)


And like most of the students in Australia at the moment, we have tests ALL week. Yes. The dreaded NAPLAN. English and spelling (which I think I'm going to fail after doing spell check on this post and finding I can't spell "begginner") on Tuesday, Comprehension on Wednesday (today) and maths tomorrow(the easiest of them all. And I'm not even that good at maths!) . My story was a BIT weird. Just a bit weird though. Anyway,  the girl is a beginner pilot flying from Sydney to another city which I can't remember, runs out of fuel and.. yeah. I can't say the theme just in case you haven't done the test yet. That would be really unfair to those of us with little imagination (a.k.a. ME). Then tomorrow is maths.

Anyway, you re probably bored of hearing about my test that you probably don't even have to take, your getting bored. I know it. So BYE!

Saturday, May 8

Music Tag : Saratess's Tag Contest

Right, so Saratess over @ Journal of Joy is having a Blog Party.

You have to make up own tag, then link up to it on her site. So here goes...

What comes to mind when you think of Justin Beiber ?

Do you ever listen to any songs by the Beatles on a regular basis?

What's your favourite song/s?
What song are you currently listening to? (or the long you last listened to)

If you're listening to a song you hate, and then someone turns it off, is there a sort of emptiness inside you?
Are you wasting your time doing this tag?

I tag you if you can't stand Justin Beiber and think he's a  waste of a record deal.

Saturday, May 1

And So It Begins... (And PLEASE be careful)

It meaning netball. The netball season is know in full spring. So is the basketball season. Today our team won the netball game, which is good, but we havn't won a basketball game... yet. We will, someday. Reading this, you probably think I'm a sporty person, but I'm not. ANyway, I LOVE netball, and can't wait for the next game =D

Now something a bit more serious. PLEASE be careful. And make sure you LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING. A 10 year old kid in my city was walking home, didn't look, and guess what happened?

Read on if you DARE............. (it scared me aswell)

You probably guessed. He stepped in front of a TRUCK, and died :|  This made me cry. can you imagine how his family would be now? Mourning.  What about the truck driver? Knowing he'd killed a little kid. So I just ask you one simple thing. LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE ROAD.

Also read Twinkle Toes' post on a similar subject.

And if you think this is short post, get used to it, because most posts will be this short or even shorter...