Monday, June 28

Exploring My Backyard

Your probably wondering how I can explore my backyard. It's actually pretty big considering I live in a city. There is a brick wall down the middle, and beyond the brick wall (the other part of the backyard) is a mess with weeds and rusty metal.

Anyway, today I was in a particularly adventurous mood my sister and put our jeans on, I put my canvas shoes and some knee socks for protection. I wore a long sleeve top, also for protection. We grabbed a plastic bag for anything we found, and out we headed.

It turned out we did find quite a bit. We found a pair of really old, rusty BBQ tongs, some assorted lids, and some random, interesting rubbish. Anyway, we went and showed Mum and Dad the tongs. Dad said they were off the old BBQ in our front backyard. Mum said she had never seen them before. Then I dropped them on the carpet, as one does when they're only holding them with the non rusty tip. They snapped right in half and all the little pieces of rust went everywhere. Woops :P

Then we got bored so we decided to attempt toclimb the only climable tree in our yard. We hadn't climed it since we were very little, and I'd only ever made it to the first branch. So I tried to to climb to the secong branch, and I made it! Then I tried the third and the fourth. I made them aswell :D The fourth was very hard, because I had to stand up and take a step while standing on a branch with a diameter of about a meter (very thin) above the shed roof which was rust and thin and breakable. It was scary but I made it. Yay! The had bit was getting down.

Just thought I'd tell you about that little adventure :)

Frangipani the Fish ♥

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Wants to tell you: So should I change this blogs name to This Time of Year?

Sunday, June 27

Weekend Full of 10 Minute Dashed + Tag from Elránia

I can think of at least 3 different 10 minute mad rushes this weekend.

1. Friday (counts as weekend) - We had 10 minutes to get from one netball game to the other, and get our position worked out at a netball carnival. We lost 2 games, but came drew first with 2 other schools.

2. Saturday - Yesterday I had netball, then went to the shops, then home and get ready for basketball. Then I dashed home and (here comes tha mad rush part) had what must have been a 1 minute shower, got changed, wrapped the present and packed my bag. It was a very fun party.

3. Saturday - This wasn't exactly a mad rush, but it was a bit of a rush, and it happened at 10 @ night. Anyway, I decided I'd put a blanket on my bed, in case it was cold that night, then I decided I wanted to put my new sheets on. These tasks were particularly hard beacuse I have a bunkbed and a very heavy matress. It was pretty much a family affair with everyone involved. And we were rushing so I could get to bed :)

I have also been tagged by

What time did you get up this morning?
Well I woke up at 8.30, but got up at about 10.00 am

What time is considered getting up early for you?
7.00 am. But once I had to get up at 4.30 or something to go on holiday

What time is considered sleeping in for you?
Anytime past 7:30. I'm sure most people think that's crazy :)

Cheese or Pepperoni pizza?

What did you have for dinner last night?
Well, I was at a party, so I had sausages, and chicken kebabs. Yummm.

What is your favorite dessert?
Mud Cake. Extra Yummm.

How many movies have you seen in 3-D? Name them
Avatar, How to Train A Dragon, Hannah Montana:Best of Both Worlds Concert Movie: 3 Movies

Who is your current favorite movie character?
I do like Trudy from Avatar, and Luna and Ginny from Harry Potter ;)

If you have an iPod, how many songs are on it?
I have 123 songs :)

What do you need to shop for?
ummmm. Nothing really. I do need some more tops though.

Name one goal you have on blogger:
To improve my writing style. I know I'm not as good as a lot of the other blogs I read.

I tag:
You, If you live in the Southern Hemisphere :)

Sunday, June 20

This Week's Big Adventures

This week was a pretty good week. On Wednesday, we started making models of our dream home in Extension Class. Then on Thursday, we went to the museum to see an exhibit on Pompeii. Before we went, my class watched a video on Youtube about the volcano. I think that the exhibit was boring, and I didn't learn a thing. The 3-D Movie was okay, but I still learnt more from the video on Youtube.

Then yesterday, on Saturday, everyone celebrated 100 years of Girls Guides. This was defiantly the highlight of the week. Everyone, well the Girl Guides who wanted to in the cityhad been preparing for weeks. We had all received our new shirts that we had to wear, and were REALLY excited. When I say excited, I don't mean excited about what your having for dinner that night, or excited that you get to play dodge at school today. It was excited as in going on an overseas holiday, to meet your favourite singer and actor, and staying at a 5 star hotel all together. We were so excited that we couldn't sleep.

On Saturday, I got up at 6:40, which I think is the earliest I think I've ever gotten up at, then quickly got ready before my friend arrived at 6:50. We left at 7:00, the sun still rising. It felt like it was sunset. We met in a car park and went to check in. Wait. I havn't told you exactly what we're doing yet. Silly Me :P All the Guides in the district are having an Amazing Race (*Luv that show*) type game around the entire city. We are only allowed to use public transport/trains, and we have to travel around the city and answer question in a book we were given such as "How many camping stores can you see from  *********  Station?".

We were given a balloon, that we had too keep the whole day, and an egg, that we weren't allowed to crack. We left the check in place and hopped on the train to go and get our answers. There was also a scavenger hunt, and we had to get our photo with a clown. We easily completed that task (well most of us. You see, my other friend had a fear of clowns) and went on with the rest.

Before 9:45, we had already finished the questions on one whole trainline.

I think we spent about 2 hours on trains. But I don't mind, because I absolutley LOVE travelling on trains. I'm still not sick of them! On the train back to the check-in place, 3 other Guiding friends and I were playing around with the bluetooth on our iPods and phones.

I really enjoyed the day and had heaps of fun. I can't wait until the 200th aniversary :P

Also, I have thought of the perfect blog title for me. This Time of Year. Like it? Let me know what you think :)

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Saturday, June 12

Project Former Glory!!

As I'm pretty sure you all know, I mean who doesn't? , Olive Tree is back! Anyway, when she left, she had over 100 followeres, and in a bid to get them back, she has came up with the wonderful idea of...


So make sure you head over to  (of) Horsefeathers now, get yourself into the comp, and follow if you don't already. If you just so happen to enter, make sure you tell Olive Tree I, Frangipani the Fish, sent you. You could win a complete blog makeover valued at $35. So GO, GO,GO! Let's help Horsefeathers back to IT"S FORMER GLORY!!

That's a bit of a short boring post isn't it? especially if you already follow Olive Tree, so therefore know.

So. Would you like to hear about sport today? Well, I will say we won basketball, and lost netball. I got winded in netball, and had to strap my fingers up in basket ball, (after what I did last week at training last week), something which I probably should have done at netball.

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Want's to tell you: I fixed the header and also made a new one :)

Friday, June 11

A Note

I'm just going to get straight to the point today. I have revamped my design blog, and re-named it Recherché Designs. Rechereché is a synonym for good. SO make sure you go check it out :)

Sorry for such the short post ♣

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Want's to tell you: Today I met the Premier! It's like a governer in America. It was basically a photo oportunity for him :)

Monday, June 7

A Good Bloggy Buddy is BACK! and My New Favourite Take-away

 Guess who it is that's back? Yes!! OLIVE TREE!! As most of you know, a few months ago she left the blogging world. Anyway, cutting a long story short, SHE"S BACK!! I love her posts, her creativity, and her kindness. Welcome back Olive Tree :) You can visit her blog @ (of) Horsefeathers

Anyway, to lengthen out this post, I will tell you about my adventures today. This weekend, being a long weekend, obviously meant we have no school today. And last night, my sister went for a sleepover at her friends house, so this morning we picked her and her friend up and jumped on our boat. We went to a nearby island for basically just lunch. Tomorrow I can tell my friends we went to __________ (can't say the name of the island though. The thought of stalkers is a little bit creepy.) just for lunch :P Back to my day though. I had Subway, instead of the usual pie I get. And it's official. Subway is better than Hungry Jacks (remember I'm in Aus), KFC (Which is disgusting), Fish and Chips, and every other Take-Away/Fast Food ever. And it's healthier, not to mention yummier. I wasn't paid to advertise this. Just thought you'd want to know.

My sister thought we'd see someone from school there, and she was right. It was a boy in my class and a girl in my brothers class. Pointless, yes, but my sister would be happy I told everyone she was right :P

Well BYE!! <3

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Wants to tell you: OLIVE TREE IS BACK!!! YIPPEEE!! But you probably already know that from my post :)


Sunday, June 6


I sprained my middle finger. Well that wasn't yesterday. That was Friday. I tried to take a pic of how swollen and puffy it was compared to my other finger to show you, but that was a bit hard. My mouth isn't big enough to hold the camera  :P How you ask? At basketball training, I jabbed my finger on the ball. Owww.

Yesterday... (now I will actually tell you about yesterday) my parents and some friends went on a wine trail, to different wineries. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though, because I had a good book, which I nearly finished, and my ipod, with 1 of my new favourite song on it. I wished I had 3 of my favourite songs, but I ran out of time to download them. I also wished I had a camera, because there were extraordinary views of the city looking west. It was SOO pretty. I could see everything. We went on this walk around the bushland at the place we stopped at for morning tea, and it was downhill, and you guessed it. My legs were stiff and sore after I walked back up.

We went to two wineries, then to another winery for lunch. I had chicken nuggets and chips from the kids menu. So did everyone else(well, the kids, not the adults). The adults had this REALLY yummy brie cheese and (I think) pumpkin soup. It was interesting watching the planes fly overhead, then make a sharp right turn to land at the airport. We were there for about 2 hours. By now, mum had probably bought enough wine :P We headed to a fruit and veg place, then to an icecream place, which made their own icecream. Caramel and Cream is YUMMM. Does icecream make anyone else cough?



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Song Stuck in my head: California Gurls, just like above. You could travel the world But nothing comes close to the golden coast. da da da :)

Wants to tell you: Wine trails are fun when you have a good book :)

P.S. Yes, I know about the mistake on my header. I'll get around to fixing it as soon as I'm on the right computer :)

Thursday, June 3


I am a bad blogger. I havn't posted for 9 days, 22 hours, and 7 minutes. Anyway, I'm gonna tell you my excuse. I had a massive homework project on hair from 1910 - 2010. I made lots of head with wool and styrophome balls and hairspray. Don't you think hairspray just sounds like a MASSIVE blend of chemicals? Lame, I know.

Well, while I was gone, I finished my project, found out what hypotenuse is, and found that it's way easier than even algebra, and can't remember what else I've done :) Oh well, more next time .

x=12x12 (144)
x=6x6 (36)
x=√180 (square root of 180)
and then I can't remeber the rest. See how clever I am? =P

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