Monday, June 7

A Good Bloggy Buddy is BACK! and My New Favourite Take-away

 Guess who it is that's back? Yes!! OLIVE TREE!! As most of you know, a few months ago she left the blogging world. Anyway, cutting a long story short, SHE"S BACK!! I love her posts, her creativity, and her kindness. Welcome back Olive Tree :) You can visit her blog @ (of) Horsefeathers

Anyway, to lengthen out this post, I will tell you about my adventures today. This weekend, being a long weekend, obviously meant we have no school today. And last night, my sister went for a sleepover at her friends house, so this morning we picked her and her friend up and jumped on our boat. We went to a nearby island for basically just lunch. Tomorrow I can tell my friends we went to __________ (can't say the name of the island though. The thought of stalkers is a little bit creepy.) just for lunch :P Back to my day though. I had Subway, instead of the usual pie I get. And it's official. Subway is better than Hungry Jacks (remember I'm in Aus), KFC (Which is disgusting), Fish and Chips, and every other Take-Away/Fast Food ever. And it's healthier, not to mention yummier. I wasn't paid to advertise this. Just thought you'd want to know.

My sister thought we'd see someone from school there, and she was right. It was a boy in my class and a girl in my brothers class. Pointless, yes, but my sister would be happy I told everyone she was right :P

Well BYE!! <3

Currently obsessing over: Last night's episode of Merlin and <3 it's a strange little emoticon isn't it?
Currently reading: Tomorrow when the War Began. I really ought to do a review on it one of these days.
Can't stop playing/listening to: Kiss and Tell by Selena Gomez, I just discovered it
Wants to tell you: OLIVE TREE IS BACK!!! YIPPEEE!! But you probably already know that from my post :)


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