Saturday, June 12

Project Former Glory!!

As I'm pretty sure you all know, I mean who doesn't? , Olive Tree is back! Anyway, when she left, she had over 100 followeres, and in a bid to get them back, she has came up with the wonderful idea of...


So make sure you head over to  (of) Horsefeathers now, get yourself into the comp, and follow if you don't already. If you just so happen to enter, make sure you tell Olive Tree I, Frangipani the Fish, sent you. You could win a complete blog makeover valued at $35. So GO, GO,GO! Let's help Horsefeathers back to IT"S FORMER GLORY!!

That's a bit of a short boring post isn't it? especially if you already follow Olive Tree, so therefore know.

So. Would you like to hear about sport today? Well, I will say we won basketball, and lost netball. I got winded in netball, and had to strap my fingers up in basket ball, (after what I did last week at training last week), something which I probably should have done at netball.

Currently obsessing over: ♥ symbol. ALT + 3 on the numberpad =♥
Currently reading: Tommorrow when the War Began.
Can't stop playing/listening to: uh, well the speakers/headphones aren't working at the moment. I can't stop playing stardoll though :)
Want's to tell you: I fixed the header and also made a new one :)


Hayhay said...

Thanks for the fish and telling me how to make a heart. I've always wanted to learn how to do that. ;)

Frangipani the Fish said...

That's ok :)