Monday, June 28

Exploring My Backyard

Your probably wondering how I can explore my backyard. It's actually pretty big considering I live in a city. There is a brick wall down the middle, and beyond the brick wall (the other part of the backyard) is a mess with weeds and rusty metal.

Anyway, today I was in a particularly adventurous mood my sister and put our jeans on, I put my canvas shoes and some knee socks for protection. I wore a long sleeve top, also for protection. We grabbed a plastic bag for anything we found, and out we headed.

It turned out we did find quite a bit. We found a pair of really old, rusty BBQ tongs, some assorted lids, and some random, interesting rubbish. Anyway, we went and showed Mum and Dad the tongs. Dad said they were off the old BBQ in our front backyard. Mum said she had never seen them before. Then I dropped them on the carpet, as one does when they're only holding them with the non rusty tip. They snapped right in half and all the little pieces of rust went everywhere. Woops :P

Then we got bored so we decided to attempt toclimb the only climable tree in our yard. We hadn't climed it since we were very little, and I'd only ever made it to the first branch. So I tried to to climb to the secong branch, and I made it! Then I tried the third and the fourth. I made them aswell :D The fourth was very hard, because I had to stand up and take a step while standing on a branch with a diameter of about a meter (very thin) above the shed roof which was rust and thin and breakable. It was scary but I made it. Yay! The had bit was getting down.

Just thought I'd tell you about that little adventure :)

Frangipani the Fish ♥

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