Saturday, July 3


Is it already the beginning of July? Half way through the year. I clearly remember last July. It's gone really fast. And now semester 1 is over, and I have 6 months 'til high school. 6 months left of my awesome teacher. 6 months of seeing my friends at school. Scary.

Normally I find class parties boring. Who doesn't? We normally just watch a movie and eat bad food. Today though, with my awesome teacher, we threw a party for two good friends who were leaving (one to America, and one to a school closer to where she lives) *sob sob*. We also had free dress, to make it even better.

In 6 months, I'll prpbably be blogging to tell you about my worries going into high school. Time Flies.


Currently reading: Nancy Drew #2 in the Eco-Mystery Triology
Can't stop playing/listening to: If I Had You - Adam Lambert: #1 fave song at the moment.
 Wants to tell you: I have Baby permanently embedded in my head.*uggh*

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