Saturday, July 10

Why Spain Will Win the World Cup... and Other Assorted Paragrpahs

...because Paul the Octopus said they would, and Paul's always right because hes an octopus. So I'm going for Spain so I can rub it in every ones face *if I want* (not that I would) when Spain wins.

Now onto some other nonsense I want to clear up...

I really couldn't care less for AFL, except I *do* go two teams. (It's always been true). Lets call the teams from my state team #1 and team #2. I go for #1 because my sister goes for #2. I support two teams. #2 and whatever team #1 is playing. I just had to add that random snippet from my mind.

Also, have any good songs or movies? I need at least 2 more hours of songs or movies on my iPod for this "holiday" next week that's a 14 hour drive. (Our friend, who lives about 3 1/2 hours south of us would get there before us if we both left at the same time). I don't like long drives.You've probably realised that I don't really want to go. I don't because I miss out on 1 and a half weeks of school. I ALWAYS miss the first session of this dancing course everyone does. Normally I hate it, but the year 7's always get the best song. This year, that means me. Also I have photos to check out from our class party that have yet to be downloaded. Maybe I can get my friend to email them to me.

That reminds me. Has anyone downloaded iOS 4 yet? (for all the iPod touches and iPhones out there) It's awesome. Much better than the last operating system. You can put your apps in folders. Get this... I had 8 pages of apps, and I narrowed it down to 3. It's amazing!

Now only 2 more paragraphs I wanna write.

Today, we went to this electronics store to "stock take" the electronics we would need for our trip. a.k.a. replacing headphones that always go missing. You know how there's always displays of the stuff? Well my sister and I found two iPads that were demos. Now I'm addicted. I <3 the keyboard so much. But it's sort of clunky.  Next to the iPads, there was a Mac (not sure what type) and the screen was like, as big as my TV. There were some TVs across the aisle and the Computer screen was even bigger than them. ANd it had good sound because iTunes was open and I clicked on the Owl City folder and I blasted it throughout the store. *wopps :P* Then we found the massage chairs on demo and the Wii that was also a demo.

Last weekend there was nothing on, so I switched it onto Oprah, where the Twilight stars were being interveiwed. I went along with it and watched it, even though I hate Twilight as much as it's possible. Then my sister did the unthinkable. She put the Bali copy of Twilight we had on. I protested but she wouldn't budge. Now I'm scared I'm turning into a Twi-Hard, because I loved it and now I want to rent New Moon. Please NO NO NO. I get Google Alerts for Harry Potter and it came up with an article titled something like Hermione vs Bella. It's very interesting.

If you have read everything I have said, I applaud you. Well done.Thankyou. Sorry for the long post.

I like: Hannah Montana season 4, episode 2. Yes, call me a baby. I don't care. My army of teddy bears and Playschool toys will come and get you.
I feel: hyped up. I don't know what over though.
I can't stop playing/listening to: Airplanes by BoB.
I want to tell you: I really want at least one Australian follower. Pretty Please? *Puppy Face*

P.S. When I started this post, I was all hyped up, now I'm tired an not hyped up.

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Braceface said...

No no, I apload you for the fantastic blog! You soccer thing was kinda confusing. For the movies, I suggest New Moon, since you want to see it. Please don't turn into a Twi-Hard. I loved the part about your army of teddy bears and Playschool Toys. My friends and I love those!

Hyperly Yours!