Wednesday, April 7

Angry Wasps, Movies About Wizards and Some SERIOUS Head Banging (A.K.A. My Easter Break)

Well, I just came back from a holiday, so now I want to wish you Happy Easter, so Happy Easter Everyone!

Anyway, on Friday, we started packing, like anyone would, getting ready to go away for a few days. We drove for 1 hour, and then stopped at our Grandma's house, where she gave us some VERY yummy Anzac Biscuits and some Winter Pyjamas. Thanks Grandma :)

After driving for another 2 hours or so, we arrived and set up our family's campervan on a friends (lets call him John) MASSIVE property, half of which, I didn't even know he owned. Then we watched "Up" (great movie BTW), which John had hired from the Video Rental Store. Except I fell asleep on the chair next to John's daughter (Lets call her Louise) at the part where Dug is wearing the "Cone Of Shame".

The next day we basically just stayed home all day watching Up and ABC3. But at about 11am, we went into town because I needed a new jumper as I left mine at home. We got a really petty one at an Op Shop for $23, which was a bargin.

That night, some other friends who live in the area came over for dinner. They made this really yummy salad with spinach, feta and beetroot *mmmmm*

Then, on Easter Sunday, we went outside for an Easter Egg Hunt. I helped hide the eggs though, because chocolate eggs aren't exactly my favourite food. Hiding eggs was really fun, even funner that watching Louise find an egg up a tree, but not being able to reach it, and then my sister coming along and getting it for herself and being soaked in the rain. But I will admit, I did "find" some of the Crunchy eggs I hid.

It was really windy, but we still drove half an hour to the beach.We turned into this 4WD track that had become a but eroded because of how much it was being used. Rocks were sticking up so it was REALLY bumpy, and I'm gald I was sitting in the front of the car so I didnt bang my head on the cargo barrier, even though my heaD WAS BANGING AROUND. About half way up the track, there is this grass tree that is about 300 years old and it's MASSIVE. When we got to the beach, John and my Dad cast out their fishing rods after driving up and down the beach looking for dark patches that could be salmon. My sister, Louise and I went in the water and swam. We also tried to surf (sort of) on this big greenblow up chair, but we kept getting dumped with the waves. After seeing a man with binoculars who we thought was a ranger (We had dogs with us, and dogs weren't supposed to be on the beach), we decided it was time to go home, even though no salmon had been caught.

On the way home, we got some more movies. Wizards of Waverly Place ( that's the bit about movies about wizards), Princess Protection Program and Hotel For Dogs. AHHHHHH, I have the song at the end stuck in my head. Ruff ruff ruff , ruff ruff ruff.

Then on Monday, both of Louise's sets of grandparents cam over, some in the morning, and the others in the afternoon.

On Tuesday, we started packing up to leave. And now, the part about the angry wasp. We were about half and hour from home when this MASSIVE wasp came into dad's open window and then eventually walked into the bak of the car, where I was. Whilst being VERY scared,I carefully picked it up with my shoeand tightly held my shoe out of the window. When it was gone, I just went back to my music. About 15 minutes later, IT WAS CRAWLING UP MY LEG! I screamed, screamed REALLY loud. It was back. It hadn't fallen out the window. Again, I picked it up with my shoe and now really really scared, i held my shoe out the window until i saw it fly off.

So now, I leave you with this thought. If Charles Muntz is about 30 years old when Carl Fredrickson is about 9 years old, How is Charles still alive when Carl is about 65? Wouldn't that make Charles about 85, and too old to live in the wild with a pack of talking dogs?

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