Thursday, April 29

Updates on Stuff

Hi Guys!

Well, I'm sort of an organised person and I hate mess (unless you look at my room). And so this blog doesn't get clogged up with designs, I would like to introduce Graphics That I Made. It's still a work in progress, but I have transfered all of the freebies from this site to that one. You will also need to order at that site.

I have made a new template aswell, which I'm considering putting on this blog. You can view it at My Test Blog. (*UPDATE* I changed my tester blog, so youi can now veiw it here)Its meant to be a bit like Frangipani Princess's blog (except with the Minima template instead so I can still do backgrounds).

And at school today, I sat on a rail of some stairs and lent on the fence post and now my hand smells like dead ant. (Yes, I DID wash it). Also Glee starts tonight. YAY! I really like that show, and I'm really hyped up, only I have a meeting/club thing on Thursday nights, so I have to  watch it on the internet (Thank God for the internet!) Not as good as a TV screen, but it will do... (this last one wasn't really an update, but I felt like saying, whether you like it or not, so HA!)

P.S. Am I allowed to make my own awards to give to people? Just asking. I'm sort of new to blogging =P

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