Saturday, May 1

And So It Begins... (And PLEASE be careful)

It meaning netball. The netball season is know in full spring. So is the basketball season. Today our team won the netball game, which is good, but we havn't won a basketball game... yet. We will, someday. Reading this, you probably think I'm a sporty person, but I'm not. ANyway, I LOVE netball, and can't wait for the next game =D

Now something a bit more serious. PLEASE be careful. And make sure you LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING. A 10 year old kid in my city was walking home, didn't look, and guess what happened?

Read on if you DARE............. (it scared me aswell)

You probably guessed. He stepped in front of a TRUCK, and died :|  This made me cry. can you imagine how his family would be now? Mourning.  What about the truck driver? Knowing he'd killed a little kid. So I just ask you one simple thing. LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE ROAD.

Also read Twinkle Toes' post on a similar subject.

And if you think this is short post, get used to it, because most posts will be this short or even shorter...



Saratess said...

Hi Frangipani 42! I just found your site after you commented on my blog. I love Gimp too. I have a mac, so that's about the only free software there is. Can you follow me? I'm following you now.


Twinkle Toes/Floppy said...

That sounds like fun!
And great safety guideline...that's really sad :'(

Hugs & Blessings,
Twinkle Toes

PS: I -once again- have changed my blog name/look and have a new button/banner. If you would change it to that, that'd be great. Thanks!