Saturday, May 8

Music Tag : Saratess's Tag Contest

Right, so Saratess over @ Journal of Joy is having a Blog Party.

You have to make up own tag, then link up to it on her site. So here goes...

What comes to mind when you think of Justin Beiber ?

Do you ever listen to any songs by the Beatles on a regular basis?

What's your favourite song/s?
What song are you currently listening to? (or the long you last listened to)

If you're listening to a song you hate, and then someone turns it off, is there a sort of emptiness inside you?
Are you wasting your time doing this tag?

I tag you if you can't stand Justin Beiber and think he's a  waste of a record deal.

1 comment:

♥Warriors101♥ said...

Cool! I'm doing it! ;) Check out Out of the Blue!