Wednesday, May 12

Summer Awaits Blog Party, and The Week of Tests *DUN DUN DUN*

How old are you and when is your birthday: My Birthday? Now, why would I tell you that? I am in year 7 though :P

What's your favorite color: I like a lot of colours. But I like the colours in my current background (Lime Green, brown, aqua, hot pink)

Do you have any pets: I have a farm. 1 cat, 2 dogs, 1 guinea pig, 1 budgie, and an unknown amount of fish (I Think :P)

Do you have any siblings: Yes, 1 brother and 1 sister

What's your favorite food: I like pizza. And Nachos. And Oranges (strangely though, I only like oranges for part of the year. Strange...) I LOVE food.

What's your favorite book: Hmm... Princess Diaries, Harry Potter, Wings (TOTALLY recommend it BTW), End of The Alphabet, and like the questions above and below, LOTS more.

What's your favorite Movie/TV show: gLee!!!!! and Survivor (the reality show) =D Oh, and Back to The Future, and about a million more that will take too long to list.

What are your hobbies: Well, I like blogging, but my biggest hobby of all is probably HIDE AND SEEK!!! (Can that count as a hobby?)


And like most of the students in Australia at the moment, we have tests ALL week. Yes. The dreaded NAPLAN. English and spelling (which I think I'm going to fail after doing spell check on this post and finding I can't spell "begginner") on Tuesday, Comprehension on Wednesday (today) and maths tomorrow(the easiest of them all. And I'm not even that good at maths!) . My story was a BIT weird. Just a bit weird though. Anyway,  the girl is a beginner pilot flying from Sydney to another city which I can't remember, runs out of fuel and.. yeah. I can't say the theme just in case you haven't done the test yet. That would be really unfair to those of us with little imagination (a.k.a. ME). Then tomorrow is maths.

Anyway, you re probably bored of hearing about my test that you probably don't even have to take, your getting bored. I know it. So BYE!

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