Wednesday, May 19


Hello guys! Like jelly? Well then maybe you shouldn't read this, it might make your mouth water.


Anyway, at my school, my class is holding a fundraiser to (obviously) raise money. And this time, we are making and selling jelly. I honestly think I will be sick of it by tomorrow. The good part though? I had to bring some home to cook, and cool, because we ran out of space in every fridge in the school =P

Update on the Jelly: (started this post on Tuesday)
Toady we failed. So we need to sell the 170 jelly cups left tomorrow. Now I think I'm sick of jelly, at least for another few weeks.

Also, is it too late to tell you about my weekend? Anyway, on Saturday, we won our first basketball game of the season, and we won netball (like normal). Except now we are playing in the top grade in my year. That means and extra 20 minutes on court. (Now 15 min quarters, not 10).
Then on Sunday, I went to see Avatar in 3D. We saw it in December, but that was at the Drive Ins, not the 3D cinema. All I can say is *amazing*. There's a lot of scenes I don't remember from December, so it was like a whole new movie.*SPOILERS ALERT* My favourite character was Trudy, because of how brave he was. I also liked her hair *smiles sheepishly* and I was really sad when her and Grace died. I can't believe humans can be so inconsiderate and take over/destroy land that they don't even own. *Spoilers Ended* I can't wait to get Avatar on DVD. I give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5.


And I came up with something to add to my signature. It's a bit like the teen Girl's Daybook hat I want to do, but don't have time. Like them?
Currently obsessing over: Avatar in 3D. GO TRUDY!
Currently reading: The Adventures of Amabel. I found it on my desk at school, so I'm like... okay.... It's actually pretty good =D
Can't stop playing: High School Hero on my iPod Touch. And it's FREE!
Wants to tell you: Like the new signature questions?


Twinkle Toes/Floppy said...

I like your signature idea, Frangipani :) And I'm really happy with what you said for "Can't stop playing"...I have a new favorite RPG game on my iTouch! :P

Hugs & Blessings,
Twinkle Toes

Frangipani42 said...

Thanks TT :D Wanna be friends on it? lol.

Hugs from

Jen said...

Hey Frangipani42! I noticed you play netball and like to talk about apps - here is a netball app you might like, let me know what you think?!

Twinkle Toes/Floppy said...

Sure! That'd be awesome xD
Here's my friend code:

What's your username on there? Just wondering so I know who you are if you add me :)

Hugs & Blessings,
Twinkle Toes

Frangipani42 said...

He he. Do I really talk about apps that much? :P Anyway, thanks for telling me about the app. I'm gonna go check it out now. :)