Saturday, May 22

It's Raining, It's Poring...

 I'm trying to play netball,
my shoes go *squelch*,
I can't think of anymore lines
So you should just read my po-ost.
(to the tune of It's Raining ,It's Poring)

Like my song about netball this moring? No? Neither do I :P

Anyway, because I can't write songs, I'm just going to say what happened.

Our team has been put up two divisions after winning all of the grading games, and are now in one of the higest divisions for our age. And toady, during I think it was the second quarter, it started sprinkling with rain, and then started bulleting rain (yes, I made up that word) in our eyes. Luckily, our team was shooting away from the rain. Don't you just love playing in the rain? I do :P


Currently obsessing over: ROUTE 66. Da dada da da da da. The song, not the actual highway. (THIS version. All the others aren't as good.) :P
Currently reading: Uh, the text I'm typing?
Can't stop playing: Route 66 on my iPod. I LOVE that song.
Want's to tell you: The people who comment on my site make me REALLY happy :) Thanks Guys!

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