Thursday, July 8

5 Reasons I Love Rainy Weather

1. Perfect movie weather
2. It's not to hot
3. You can sit at a window and stare out
4. The sound of rain on the roof
5. You get to dance in the rain.


Currently obsessing over: Rain
Currently reading: Nothing! I finished all of the books I had :D
Can't stop playing/listening to: and a song stuck in my head called Dynamite by Taio Cruz. **BEST song EVERR**
Wants to tell you: 90 km/h winds and hale are forecast for tonight and the might go out for a couple of days like it did in March, so if I don't post, you will know what happened :)


Braceface27 said...

I love the sound of rain at night. It's really soothing. Love your blog!


Frangipani the Fish said...

Agreed :)

And thanks for commenting.