Saturday, July 31

Photos from My Holiday (a.k.a. My Trip)

I'm back! Well actually, I was back late Tuesday night. Wanna see some photos from my trip? I want to post photos because otherwise this will end up as a long boring post like some others. ANd photos are more interesting.

**NOTE: I did NOT take all of these photos myself. Mum took some, Dad took some and my brothers and sisters probably took some.**

So we set out driving on a Thursday. I wanted to leave at 5 in the  morning, except we still had to pack and Mum likes to come home to a tidy house.

On the way, we drove past a wind farm.

*Taken  by Dad*

We stopped at a town on the way and stayed there on Thursday and Friday night. On Friday morning, we had breakfast at a cafe with some friends. I had some average pancakes with delicious blueberries and yummy sauce.

Later that day, we went rock walking at a place where ther was lots of rocks.
This is my favourite photo from the whole trip. I like the colours. Don't you think it looks a bit like a layer cake that has collapsed?
*Both taken by Dad*

The next day (Saturday) we left that beautiful town and drove. And drove. And drove. Until 6 at night when we arrived at our final destination.
Driving *not sure who took this*
We did lots of fishing at the back of the reef, and almost as much snorkeling. I saw 2 stingrays {which I'm absolutely terrified of}. Don't you hate it when you're snorkel ling in a big group, and someone kicks you in the face? We caught a MASSIVE mackerel while trolling  in our boat. And then a shark swam up behind it and stardted chasing it then bit half off. Evil Shark. It still fed all of us + some friends though.

Some other photos.

Termite Mounds while driving. Mum took that photo. The face isn't edited in... *Mum's photo*
An emu just next to where we were staying. *A sibling's photo*.
The lighthouse just behind where we were staying. *My Photo*
*Not sure who took this*
*My photo*
*My Photo**I think*
*My Photo*
*Mum's or brother's photo*
Whales. We saw them almost every day. I think that photo is zoomed. *Not sure who took this*
5 Things that I Did/Saw That I Have Never Seen/Done Before
  1.  Passed the Tropic of Capricorn
  2. Saw termite mounds in person
  3. Snorkelled the Ningaloo Reef
  4. Seen a shark/stingray/manta ray that's not in captivity.
  5. Gone the furtherest north I've ever been.
I'm sure there's more but I can't think of any right now.
 My siblings had a rest day on Wednesday, but I - Being the nerd I am - went to school. I was nervous, as if I was starting a new school. 

What do you think of the photos? Let me know.

P.S. I'm keeping my name as Frangipani the Fish (Thanks Braceface for your input :D) and do you like how I re-did the blog? Not design or anything.


carlotta said...

stunning photos! i love the second...and all the ones of the ocean are amazing.
looks like you had a wonderful time!

Frangipani the Fish said...

Thanks :) Dad took that one. And thanks for commenting.

Braceface said...

Your welcome! Sweet pictures! I just got back from vacation too. It was terrible though. I love the way the blog looks now.