Thursday, June 3


I am a bad blogger. I havn't posted for 9 days, 22 hours, and 7 minutes. Anyway, I'm gonna tell you my excuse. I had a massive homework project on hair from 1910 - 2010. I made lots of head with wool and styrophome balls and hairspray. Don't you think hairspray just sounds like a MASSIVE blend of chemicals? Lame, I know.

Well, while I was gone, I finished my project, found out what hypotenuse is, and found that it's way easier than even algebra, and can't remember what else I've done :) Oh well, more next time .

x=12x12 (144)
x=6x6 (36)
x=√180 (square root of 180)
and then I can't remeber the rest. See how clever I am? =P

Currently obsessing over: My toatally awesome black canvas shoes.
Can't stop playing: my side bar music playlist :)
Want's to tell you: gLee makes every song better.

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