Friday, June 11

A Note

I'm just going to get straight to the point today. I have revamped my design blog, and re-named it Recherché Designs. Rechereché is a synonym for good. SO make sure you go check it out :)

Sorry for such the short post ♣

Currently obsessing over: Glee!!
Currently reading: Tommorow When the War Began. I want to have it done by Tuesday
Can't stop playing/listening to: Glee, Episode 20
Want's to tell you: Today I met the Premier! It's like a governer in America. It was basically a photo oportunity for him :)


Hayhay said...

Had a question, where did you get that cute little fish on your signiture? So cute and it would go perfect with my blog!

Frangipani the Fish said...

Hay Hay, I drew it with the green paintbrush on Gimp. I trust you enough to give it to you. I'll comment the link on your blog, but please don't publish it :)

Thnaks for commenting!
Frangipani the Fish ♥