Wednesday, March 17

Makeover for Your Blog

Each month, I will code design a site for 3 people, more if I have time. I will design a blog and give you the code, aswell as two graphics. I'm not that good at headers, or buttons or any graphic really. You have been warned...

You can have 3 column, 2 column, or however many columns you want. You can have borders around your image, or not, dots between you sidebar items and post, whatever.
You can choose one of these graphics
-post divider
-menu bar
-avatar (on my iPod, I have an app   called MeWe Creator, that lets you make avatars. I wil make it with that. A MeWe avatar is a person, male/female, that you can dress, choose hairstyle, clothes, whatever... just let me know what clothes/hair/shoes/hand item you want)

Just fill this out in a comment for the graphic...

Blogger Name
Blog Name and URL
Item (background, header, button, menu bar buttons, signature, post divider etc)
Description/what you want it to look like.

And this one for the recode (I'm going to call it that :p)
Blogger Name
Blog Name and URL
Number of Columns
Border Around Outside
Picture Border Colour
Anything Else You Want


Blair1999 said...

1. Blogger name, Blair1999
2. blog name: Club Penguin Magazine and News/ URL:
3. item: Background
4. Description: I want it to have like Penguins on it, and to say "CP Mag & News"
5. Commments/ Thanksies! :D

Blair1999 said...

Ohh and can you make me a blog button?
same site and name as the other post, but I want cp penguins on it with white roses if possible!


☺Slidoo☻ said...

All I would like is my post title and sidebar title font to be awesome, sorta like the one on your club penguin site.

Slidoo's Club Penguin Cheats & Graphic Banners


☺§lídôô CLICK MY NAME☻ said...

actually nevermind... I like it the way it is now.

Birdfeather said...

all i need is a post divider. a blue lne with a row of dots on it is perfect. I would do it myself but i dont know how. could u tell me where to put in the code.
by the way your designs r really good. dot say their bad. I like the one with the green bird. put a black/silver tabby cat in the bottom left corner and it will be fan tas tic 4 my new blog.
PS. Warriors101 is my graphics person/agent. tell her if you need anything