Sunday, September 26

My Suitcase

Want to see my suitcase?

At first, it was boring blue, without all the pretty pictures on it. I hated that blue, but there was a massive sale at Strandbags, and that was the cheapest. Then it struck me. Get some fabric paint and paint it. I told Mum and she said it had to be something I'd like until I was an adult, because of how good the suitcase was.

I did my research and found that it would be easier to use stencils. Then I asked Dad what paint to use and he said acrylic.

Anyway, after pressing so hard with the stanley knife, and getting a really sore finger, I started painting. The finished product?...

A bird, a flower, and a vine. I've still got to do a few more layers...

I was bored waiting for the pain to dry, so I painted "Spread your WIngs" next to the bird. When I told Mum, she said it was really suitabble, because I'm spreading my wings, exploring new places.

The purple vine and the yellow flower are there because they are me and I like that sort of stuff.

On the back, I decided to keep a log of where the suitcase went with me. The Opera House is the only place on the back so far. Yes, the picture is a bit smudged *look guiltily around*.

If you want to know how to decorate your suitcase, just ask :)

In other news...

I GOT A PHONE! It's my parents old Motorola, but it still takes photos, and well, IT'S A PHONE! I think I convinced my by saying that my sister was bawling her eyes out becasue my parents were late to pick us up for school aafter going out on a boat during the day, and possibly sinking. Only my sister wasn't bawling her eyes out, nor was she worried. If I had a phone I could have called them to see if they were okay. Yes, I emphasized a little, but hey, it worked!

And yesterday, we went shopping, "Sydney Shopping",  which bores me incredibly. I bought 5 peices of clothing, which is the most I've ever bought at once. 3 of the 5 items were "Dream Out Loud" by Selena Gomez. I think I have a new favourite brand...

And most importantley, thanks a heap Kiki and Posey for following ^.^


Alex said...

Lol, awesome.

rose said...

cute suitcase!

thanks heaps for following, i'm following you now, also!

xx rosie

Frangipani the Fish said...

Thanks Rose!

ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

I really like what you've done to the suitcase!
I've never bought five pieces of clothing before, the most for me is usually two. I'm also quite fond of Selena Gomez's brand!