Saturday, October 23

Meet Fashion Dog and Einstein Dog

My pet pups. Well, technically, they're not puppies anymore.
This is Dobby. He is about 2 1/2 years old and is a blue healer x jack Russel. He definitely isn't the smartest dog, but he is *really* cute. He used to live with this old man who abused him. The man eventually got rescued when he chewed up the man's azaleas. Did I mention he got a fish hook up his nose while we we're in Sydney? That's Dobby for you!

He has a crooked eye, which we think is from when the old man kicked him.

Dobby always likes to wear the latest fashion, and doesn't care what it is. A bandanna or a hat.

Here he is sporting the latest shades...

He's name is Dobby beacuse when we first got him, he resembled Dobby off Harry Potter; his floppy ears, the scared look in his eyes and the shape of his face.

Now Eddy is a different story. He's a corgi and is really smart. And he speaks! Well, sort of. He howls at us when we get home, and it sounds something like "helloooo!" His ears are as long as his legs, and he always looks like a bobble head in photos taken from above :P

Eddy is also the "boss" dog beacause we've had him longer and he thinks he's important. He's always beating Dobby up.

I love my dogs.

In other news, this will probably be my last post for a while because I'm off to camp for a week! And I'm so excited!


ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

Oh my goodness, both your dogs are adorable! It's amazing that you can keep the sun glasses on Dobby; my dog hates them!

Alex said...

That's sooooooo cute :)