Sunday, April 17

Two Posts in One

Here are two posts for you. the first one I've been meaning to post for about a week now, but I'm only getting around to it now. But now I have another post to post, so I figure I'll put them together!

I Guess You Could Say I'm Obsessed - 12/4/11
Yes, that is me.
And for the record, Red Vines are the most discusting lolly in the universe. They will now go on display on my desk/shelf.

I Now Have an Awesome Hogwarts Shirt - 17/4/11

Yesterday I went shopping at Jay Jays. For the first time in my life. But you know How I really like Glee? Yeah, well they're having this promostion thing where you can buy Glee clothes.

So when I walked in there today, I was fully planning on walking out with one of those shirts. Until I saw the single rack with the grey tshirt with the Hogwarts logo on it. Compared to the racks and racks and racks of Glee clothing which took me quite some time to spot.

If this is like, some phycological thing or something, that means I'm a bigger HP fan than a Gleek. I can spot the single HP rack quicker than the racks and racks of Glee stuff.

If I had enough money, I would have gotten one of each, but that would have been $40. and I only had $30 dollars. And I'd already bought a Harry Potter poster. I was going to buy the HP7 dvd, but I didn't, but now I'm glad because I will ALWAYS be able to buy that dvd. They still sell the Philosophers Stone, from 10 years ago. But as soon as that JayJays stock runs out, I'll never be able to buy it.


Bleah Briann said...

shopping is always fun! Though I'm neither into HP or am I a gleek (though I want to fix the latter) I know how you feel. As you probably know (via tumblr) I'm equally obsessed with both Tangled and Adam Young... man, if I had to choose -- it'd be hard. :)

But yes... shopping is fun! Glad you got some good stuff. I have a friend who lives in Aussie and she's always talking about JayJays so it's funny to hear someone else talk about it since I had never heard of it before I met her. :)

I hope you're doing well!!! I'm sorry I haven't stopped by in awhile. Much Love.


Lily said...

Gle is definatly one of the best TV shows ever. You need to watch it.

And I really like how you call it Aussie :D It always makes me smile.

I'm sorry about the serious lack of commenting on your blog too. LOVE YA!

Adam said...

I never pictured you like you. I figured that you had red hair (I have no idea why), but I just pictured you differently. I don't really like Glee, but HP is amazing. And I've never heard of that store. I live in America.