Sunday, February 13

Conclusions I've Come To Since My Last Post

1. I suck at posting regularly
I do.  Whatever happened to "I'll try to have a noraml-ish posting schedule  in a couple of days"?I've just been lacking so much inspiration latly and I''ve had barly any time. I havn't even been in highschool for 2 weeks and I already hate homework.

2. Cyclones can be scary when where you live isn't meant to get cyclones.
Okay, so I started a post about this, but never finished it.

It's very rare that cycones even come this far south. but you might have seen on the news if your Australian (heck, even if your not). So on Saturday [29th Jan], we went out on our boat with my sister's friend. where they went snorkelling but I didn't because my mask was annoying me so bad.

Then all these masisve storm clouds started rolling in. And OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO COOL! There was this massive sort of cloud front and it blew over us when we were at the boat ramp really fast. it's sort of hard to explain, but it was amazing.

So all in all, I'm happy because  we get the clouds and rain of a cyclone (which I love) but not the destroying wind! YAY! Also the power didn't go out like I thought it would!
And the cyclone got cancelled!

3. Something wierd is happening to Queensland
First a big flood and now a big cyclone? Okay Mother Nature. I think you can stop now. You have gotten whatever point you were trying to get  across across. Apparently the cyclone was as bad, if not worse than Hurricane Katrina.

My hearts are with all those who dies, knew someone who dies, or lost all of their belongings in the floods and cyclone.

It's all so terrible.

4. No one good ever comes to my city
I remeber when I was about to start year 4, Hilary Duff came to Australia (I used to be a massive Hilary fan. Heck, I'm still one!) but she only went to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. And I couldn't just fly over there because it's expensive and school was starting the next day or something.

So many examples of that. Like when I was obsessed with Miley Cyrus, and I found out her "Wonder World Tour" didn't come to Australia.

Right now though, Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter is coming to Australia in this SupaNova Pop Culture Expo event thingy, and the event comes to my city, but Tom doesn't. I really want to meet the Harry Potter cast.

5. Highschool is nothing like in the movies.
So last week, I started highschool. And it is seriously nothing like in the moviies. I'll do a post about highschool another day though.

6. Facebook is overrated.
'Nuff said.


Jen @ The Purple Pants said...

I wanna see a cyclone!! Stupid North American weather!!

Lily said...

You guys get hurricanes though! I'm always scared our house will get blown apart though :P