Wednesday, May 25

News and An Announcment.

  • My guinea pig, who I may or may not have mentioned before, died today. She was really old though, so I'm not that sad.
  • No where sells cheap Ravenclaw robes, so I'm going to have a go at making my own, with Grandma's help of course :P
  • Me and some friends are going to dance to Days of Summer when the movie finishes, coz we're just that cool.
  • Today in the US, it was the season2 finale of Glee. But I havn't even seen it yet. stupid internet, y u so slow.
  • Miley Cyrus announced a tour to Australia, and she's coming to my city! And I'm going!
  • The amount of want that I want to visit the US is even more now.
  • I went on a camp to Ningaloo Reef, to a place near the place mentioned in this post. It was soo fun, but the fish and stuff we saw was nothing new for me.
  • Starkid's new play, Starship, is trรจs amazing. Like, SERIOUSLY amazing.
  • I bought the Warblers album. Like yeah.
Now for the...
You know how my last post was like, a month and a half ago? Yeah, well, I'm not really enjoying blogging anymore, I can never be bothered, and I never have anything to post.
So I decided I'm going to stop Blogger.

I'll still keep my blog here, open, and hogging this address, and I'll still read all your blogs though, but just no posts.


Blue Jeans said...

Aw...why not post on like weekends or summer days when you feel like it? We don't mind taking breaks :D Anyway, if you do come to the US stop by Virginia xD Anyway hope you enjoy the movie. So jealous of you -.- Hope you have a good time :D

Jen said...

The US is pretty boring, I want to visit Australia!!!! Australia seems amazing!!!!
Well even though you're not blogging here I'm still following you on tumblr!!

Lily said...

Blue Jeans: Because I never *do* feel like it. But when I come to the US, I shall stop by every single state, if I get my way :)

Jen: But the US has all the good theme parks (Wizardy World of HP, I'm looking at you), all the celbrities, and... University of Michigan.

Love you both!

↘Cassidy↙ said...

boo. i'll miss u, lily!

i agree with jen, this place is kinda boring. but you got to go THERE! i go there every 2 years, i actually leave tomorrow! it is quite very awesome.

Lily said...

Cassidy: And I will DEFINATLY go to Florida. Beautiful beaches... The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!... :)

Can I please just say that I'm NOT going to miss ANY of you? Because I will still read all of your blogs. Because I love you all.