Friday, July 22

So in My Last Post I Kinda Forgot To Mention I Might Come Back Oneday

It's funny how when you stop blogging, thats when all the writing inspiration comes.

So the Miley Cyrus concert. It was actually pretty amazing. Miley is amazing live. But I was seriously amazed at how many two year old were there. We were closer to the back than the front though, but the view was amazing. Moving on though.

I am a massive Potterhead. And I went to my first midnight screening. You know what makes me extremly happy? Though the world premiere in London was on the 9th, the official release date for the US and England is on the 15th, but us Aussies, being incredibly cool, got it on the 13th. I know right!

Though I don't think the movies will ever be as amazing as the books, the final movie was amazing. They cut quite a bit out though including *SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER* Fred's death. I guess I'm kind of glad though, because all the other deaths had me absolutly bawling my eyes out. Even when the WB logo came on at the begininning, I sobbed.

I just really love my aunty. She made me a robe to dress up with and I really love it. It's Ravenclaw, so it's automatically awesome.

You know what another amazing movie is though? Cars 2. I love love love the original, but I thought that the second would be a bit of a let down. It's basically a spy movie, and we all know I love spies. Mater and Lighning's friendship is amazing.

They showed the Glee Live 3D trailer, so that's never bad. The Warblers had Red Vines, so that's not bad at all either.

This has been a boring post, but I just really felt like posting something XD


Jake said...

Wait...they left out Fred's death? I thought I saw Fred laying there and the family sitting around him. Like after everything was over with. Oh anyway that movie was absolutely awesome! Glad you're back. :D

Lily said...

I meant his actual death, like him dying. I think I'm sorta glad though, because I would not have been able to hold my self. <3 and thanks :D

Jake said...

Ooooh okay sorry I mis-understood that.

Lily said...

No no no, it's okay. Don't worry 'bout it.