Sunday, January 2

I Think I'm Going to Redo My End of 2010 Post

Just re-reading it, my end of 2010 post was pretty bad. So I'm going to do it again.


2010 has been a big year. it has been filled with ups and downs and lefts and rights. Also obsessions.
I got even more into Harry Potter and realised just how epic it is. For me, Harry Potter isn't just an obsession. It has taught me so much. Too much to mention here.
Another big obsession was Glee. I occasionally watched it when it was on nights other than Thursday (I had Guides and it was on on a Thursday in Australia), but I was never really able to get into it. Then when it came off hiatus in the middle of season 1, I decided to watch every episode online. There are still 1 or 2 episodes I haven't seen from the 1st part of season 1, but I'm getting there. Glee has also taught me quite a bit, especially about just being who you are. Right now, I'm on the computer in the living room, and I keep glancing over at the TV and Mercedes just started sing 'Beautiful'.
And I can't forget Team Starkid. The biggest obsession of the year for me. I knew what it was and everything, and that they made a Harry Potter Parody, but I just never got around to watching it. I watched it sometime in June, just before the sequel came out. I enjoyed it and all, but I never really got into it either. Then it was announced that Darren Criss, the guy who played Harry, was going to be on Glee. So I decided to watch the musical again, and this time, I really enjoyed it.

Okay. So now, you're probably getting bored of what I'm obsessing over.

At the beginning of the year, I entered year 7; my last year of primary school. It was a definitely a year to remember. Then I graduated in earlier in December. I know I will keep 1 or 2 friends really close, but the others, as nice as they were, I just don't think I'll stay friends with.

One thing I'm most proud of that I did this year is getting into the academic classes at the highschool I'm going to.

And I survived the needles year 7's need to get. I am terified of needles. But I like how they make your arm stiff!

I can't really remember much else that I've done this year.

I'm not normally one to set resolutions so I am going to make 2 resolutions and 1 dream.

-Stop chewing my nails
-Be nicer

-Make some friends that will stay friends forever and who will be the best friends I've ever had.

So best wishes to all of you for the new year! May 2011 bring you all good luck. <3


Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Same with me, I got into Harry Potter this year than before. It's so EPPPPPICCCCCC!!!!!
Congrats on getting into those academic classes!! They must be awesome!!
--- Jen

↘Cassidy↙ said...

i start year seven next year...over here in america, all the seventh graders i know are the following: braces, shaggy bangs, and waiting for your growth spurt. i hope the kids over there look better.

Lily said...

Jen: Thanks. I havn't started them yet, but I hope hey will be awesome :D

Cassidy: Haha. Well, if I do say so my self, I am very good looking! No just kidding :) And I'm sure you'll be a better looking seventh grader than them though.

ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

Happy New Year, I hope you stick to your resolutions! And thank you for the tag below =D This was the year I discovered how awesome Harry Potter is too, and I also discovered Team Starkid, they're so epic! Good luck with high school =]

Matt said...

Dw lily, year 7 is so easy.... Year 8 4 me this year :D

Lily said...

Thanks Matt! I know year 7 is easy. And to anyone reading this who isn't in year 7 yet, you will love it. Especially if you're in Australia!