Friday, December 31

My End of 2010 Post

Where I am, it will be a new year, a new decade in 8 hours and 56 minutes.

I sort of like scaring my self by saying that 2010 will never come again. It's over. 2010 is done. I'm a freak when it comes to stuff like that.

This year I also...
  • Started Year 7 and completed primary school
  • Discovered Starkid.
  • Got into the Academic Extension classes at the highshool I'm going to.
  • Became closer to my best friend
  • Maybe made another really really good friend
  • discovered that you don't have to follow the latest fashion or listen to the latest music to be accepted by the "cool people" (though it does help)
 For me, 2010 has been a really good year. But I also have a good feeling about 2011

Seeing as it's new year, I thought I'd make some resolutions/dreams/hopes.
  • Stop chewing my nails
  • Make some new friends who will be friends for life when I go to highschool.
  • Tavel back to Sydney, somehow.
  • Be a nicer person
  • Be healthier and not skip so much basketball training
  • Stop reblogging so much on Tumblr.
  • See a Starkid show (not gonna happen, but it's okay to dream, right?)
I don't normally make resolutions. This is the  first time I have decided I'm going to stick by them aswell.

What are your resolutions?


Teddy2tie said...

Hahaha this post reminded me of a funny thing my uncle told me:
One day my uncle went on a walk at the beginning of the year and walked past an oval and saw loads of people there and as you can guess those people's resolutions were to go to the oval and run every day anyway so at the end of the year my uncle drove past the oval and only 2 or 3 people were there. (everything seems to be more funny when my uncle tells it)
Btw at the moment I am trying to write a book so my resolution is to try finish writing the book by the end of the year I am not sure I am going to make it but I will try.

Lily said...

Haha. That is pretty funny, I guess. Good on you, to the people still jogging!

And good luck with your book Teddy! I'm sure it will be very good!