Friday, December 17

I'm a Dork

On my iPod, I have a couple of playlists. I have a "faves' playlist with all the song I like and then I have a "Songs for the Car" so I can listen to my iPod on the speakers in the car with songs Mum and Dad can stand, then I have a "Sleep" playlist with gentle, quiet-ish songs that are mostly Darren Criss and Starkid. then I have a "Top 15" playlist with just my favourite 15 songs.

Yesterday, in the Top 15 playlist, I only had songs by 3 different artists; Katy Perry, Starkid/Darren Criss, and Glee Covers. But then last night, I went and bought a couple more Stakid songs, Darren songs and Glee songs.

I got bored of the charts and what was popular when I discovered AVPM. I really don't care about some 10 year old girl who writes a "popular" song and whips her hair back and forth either. The last "popular song" that I downloaded was Grenade by Bruno Mars because it's an okay-ish song. And I sorta felt like I had to have one "new, popular" song on my ipod after my friend was looking through my songs and complaining I had no good songs the other day.

The only mainstream artist that I really like is Katy Perry. And sometimes Taylor Swift. That's it.

I just got rid of the Bruno Mars song I put in the top 15 playlist last night so I could stay dorky. I also got rid of the Taylor Swift song I really liked that I put in yesterday and replaced them with my new Glee Covers. I guess I like being dorky and having dorky songs on my iPod that no one else has heard.

So now I'm back to the original 3 dorky artists :)

And as if I wasn't dorky enough already, I'm wearing a white t-shirt from Paddy's Markets that says "I ♥ Sydney", like the ones that say I ♥ NY.

That's me. I'm a dork!

So what sort of songs do you have on your iPod?


Cherry said...

honestly, you are the only one who can talk about your iPod and not bore everybody to death!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

'eh... who isn't a dork these days? LOL I'd be a hypocrite to say anything. I bet I TOTALLY beat you on the dork scale! :DDD

Bleah Briann

↘Cassidy↙ said...

i have everything from the beatles to hannah montana to kesha to vanessa hudgens. and all for a reason too. my brothers have their music downloaded on there, corrina's dance song's there so she can practice it when i hook it up to my idog, and my dad has his music for when he STEALS IT AND BRINGS IT BACK A FREAKIN WEEK LATER!!!!!!! and the beatles is pure cassidy.

Braceface said...

I have a lot of violin instrumental songs on mine since I play violin. My friend was going through mine and said I had no good songs. They just haven't listened to them yet. It was funny because they did listen to one, and were like "Oh, this is really cool."

Lily said...

@ Cherry: Thanks :D

@ Bleah: lol. Wanna bet?

@ Cassidy: I forgot to mention that I have a heap of Hannah Montana and Beatles aswell :P at least your Dad brings it back though.

@ Braceface: I hate how people are like that! But then it all ends up good so it doesnt matter :)

Thanks for all the comments guys. I mean 4 in one night is pretty good for this blog. I know it sounds cliche, but it means a lot to me. Keep the love coming!

Lily xo

ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

I didn't know they had 'I <3 Sydney' shirts! Want!
I'm not really into mainstream music either. Most of the songs on my iPod are either country, screamo or indie, which aren't very popular. Oh yeah, and there are tons of songs on there from musicals as well. Those are the best ones!

Lily said...

I got my I Love Sydney shirt from Paddy's Markets, if you were wondering. Songs from musicals are defiantly best!