Thursday, December 2

A New Era of My Life + An Award.

Yesterday marked a new era in my life. I'm 13. I'm a teenager. It's great, because I don't feel as young in the blogosphere anymore :P

Anyway, because it's my last year in primary school I just had to have a party. And not to brag or anything, but my party organising skills are quite good! (have I ever mentioned my Harry Potter party when I turned 11? But that's another story...) After school, I went down to the park and started setting up for my party, because our house is a bit of a mess at the moment. It was really windy.

I invited 1 friend from out of school, 6 girls from my class and 4 boys. I don't really feel like typing right now, so this is gonna be short. Anyway,my sister and my dad headed down about 10 minutes before us to hide everything for the treasure hunt, and by the time Mum and I got there, my best friend was there already :P

We were gonna have a water fight, but it got too cold. We played tug-a-war and pass the parcel. Pass the parcel was by far the best game of the night. It was a bit sad though, because I couldn't play my favourite Starkid songs because they are considered, well, not cool, and no one likes them (those friends that don't have no taste... :P). It was wrapped in newspaper, but with the occasional coloured layer which you could throw instead of pass. One of the boys got all of the Smiggle pig rubbers I put in though. It was funny.

I know most of you don't want to here about what I got, but some of you might, so I got an iTunes voucher, some money, some more Smiggle stuff (including a pig rubber...!) some notebooks and pens, a lava lamp, this really pretty black and white polka dot top, Dymocks vouchers, some Diva bangles and earrings (which just gives me an excuse to get my ears pierced) and this really pretty rose ring.

I really enjoyed my party. Thanks Mum! (I might add pictures soon)

I got back from the party, checked my email, and found a new comment from the lovely Rose @ people tell me saying that she's awarded me on her blog :D Thanks Rose!

She says that she thinks that themain idea of the award is to pass it onto other bloggers, so I pass it onto
Random Rawr (even if she already has it)
Jessica Nicole
beacuse you all have a lovely blog, and your comments are what keep me going. But that doesn't mean that just these guysare the only ones who deserve it. If you follow, you deserve it too, so I award you too! So I'm basically rewarding all of my followers!

P.S. Just thought I'd mention that my profile pic is at Bondi Beach; not just any old beach!


ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

Happy birthday for yesterday! I mean, the day before yesterday :P Sounds like you had a great day (pass the parcel? I love that game!).
And thank you so much for the award :D

Teddy2tie said...

That is so awesome! It sounds like it was a great party! In a day and 3 months I turn 13 so I am really looking forward to it even though its a few months away. I hope you enjoy being 13! :)

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Okay... soo... my blog... won't let me follow you. I've apparently exceded the limit.... AND... I can't delete. I DON'T KNOW WHY... but I'm adding your blog to my favorites so I can check you out rather often.

AAAAAAAANNNNNND I'm adding your blog button my list. :D


rose said...

Thank you for your loverly comment on my outfit post!

rose xxx

Lily said...

@ Bleah: Blogger can get annoying, can't it? Thanks, but you don't have to add my button just becaue you're feeling pressure :) Thaks for the loyalty though.

@ rose: No probs.
Lily x