Wednesday, December 22

Weird Dreams

What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?

The other night I had a really weird dream.

So all the girls in my year 7 class (including me) had to go to this basketball tournament in the country with our sports teacher as our coach.. The town we played in strangely resembled my school oval... hmmm. Anyway I missed the beginning of one game, but that's not important. I just remember it. I can't remember if we won or loss though, but the next part is the weird part.

I thought the town we were in was a WA country town, but it was apparently a NSW country town because we caught a plane from Sydney.

It was a glass-walled A380 plane. So we took off from Sydney Airport and landed at Adelaide Airport. It was really weird because you could see the Sydney skyline behind the Adelaide skyline (what Adelaide skyline? no jk, jk :)). Then we taxied down the runway after landing. At first we taxied down the Adelaide runway but then we also taxied the 1750 km to my city (which you all have probably worked out by now). We taxied into my city's airport then down the train tracks in the middle of the freeway and we stopped right at the local train station. It was quite convenient really. And the taxiing only took a few second! Actually, I think we might have bypassed the roads between Adelaide and my city as well as my city's airport and just gone straight from Adelaide to the freeway railway.



↘Cassidy↙ said...

umma, all my dreams are weird. like there was this one time, i had this dream where christopher was on my bed, and i tackled him because i frikin hate that kid, and then zach showed up with a bagel. (?)

cassidy the monisa

Lily said...

Haha. That is a weird dream :P Any dream with a bagel in it is weird!