Wednesday, December 15

Today was Orientation Day + Another Award

{When I started this post, it was Monday and I had just got home from Orientation... Now it's Wednesday :| }

Next year I'm off to high school.And I'm scared. But today was the orientation day.

We got to the school and went into the auditorium where we were told some pretty much useless stuff, before being sorted into groups to go around the school in.

{I'll now pick up where I left off after Monday}.

I met these girls which I sorta made friends with. There was this girl who I think I could relate quite a bit too, a girl from a country town about 2.5 hours away who is in on the swim program, and these two girls who seemed really friendly but I didn't really get to know.

My group got all the boring classes. We did science {which was very scary; we blew stuff up like balloons filled with hydrogen and magnesium in some sort of acid}, computers {we just learnt how to navigate the school website which I already new *ugh*}, English {we cut out pictures, glues them to a piece of paper and had to write a story using the pictures. The English teacher made me laugh so hard. She reminded me of a call center person - can I help you?}, maths {I learned that my year 5 teacher taught me about "BIMDAS" wrong} and art {where we drew pictures and watched the art teacher get angry because some people didn't put enough detail in}. My friend's groups all got classes like cooking, photography and PE {better than English anyday}.

That's basically all I remember for now though, so on to the next part of this post.

The lovely Blaize (Random Rawr has awarded me again, but with a different award. Thanks so much Blaize! x

I now pass it on to {hmmm...} Cassidy and also Rose,{even if she already has it} because I well, love your blogs!

When Blaize said my name, she called me "Frangipani the Fish", which brings me to my next topic.

Olivia once said...
"So now whenever I publish a post and see 'by Olive Tree' at the bottom, I cringe. I feel that I am hiding behind a screen name instead of really being myself. I also feel that this name, while interesting, no longer describes me"
I think that what Oliva said sums up how I feel perfectly. So I'm changing my name back to Lily. I think Frangipani the Fish felt sort of babyish I guess.

I'll change my signature next time I'm on the "gimp computer", if I remember how to use gimp :P

Bye for now, Lily xo

P.S. I'm thinking of changing the design of this blog soon. It just doesn't feel like "me".


rose said...

OH wow! Thanking you very much! I love your blog too!

rose xxxx

↘Cassidy↙ said...

hey thanks a bunch i'm gonna try and follow yours 2. you have a nice blog :) :)
<3, xoxo,
Cassidy the Monisa

Snowflake said...

You know, my blogger username started out as Alex. Then Blue Jeans. Jake for 3 seconds, back go Blue Jeans, and now Snowflake. Maybe I should have stuck with my real name—Jake.

lula said...

Aww sweet post pretty lady! And congrats on the awards ;)

kiss kiss bang bang

Lily said...

@ Rose: No probs!

@ Cassidy: thanks :)

@ Snowflake: okay, thanks. I was wondering what happened to you!

@ lula: thanks so much. <3

Lily xoxo

ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

Before I told people that my name is Blaize everyone called me 'Random Rawr' which was a bit weird.
High school's really great, you'll love it. Science is unfortunately only fun on the first few days of school, and then it gets boring. Some teachers make you watch lots of documentaries (mine mainly make us watch Mythbusters, which gets annoying).
I was scared on my orientation day at my new school, which was last week. Hopefully we'll both fit in next year!

Lily said...

At least watching Mythbusters is better than writing what could happen in an experiment, then never doing the experiments.

I hope you had fun at your Orientation day though!

Snowflake said...

Oh, I don't mean to rude or anything but the title says,"Today was Orientation Day ♥ Award" I know it's just the font you used, but it looks odd...

Lily said...

Haha yeah. THanks for telling me Snowflake. About that though, It was meant to be a +, then I published it and noticed pretty much straight away but I thought it looked nice so I didn't bother changing it. And don't worry about sounding rude!

Blue Jeans said...

Oh, if you don't mind me asking, what font IS the title font? And is this the Minima template just edited? Lol sorry for asking soooo many questions.

Lily said...

Thats ok :)

The font is called Pea Karlee and it's from Kevin and Amanda.

And yes, the template is just an edited version. But the header and background are by Olivia. If you want, I can redesign your blog for you.

Blue Jeans said...

OMG REALLY??? That'd be epiccccccccc. But I don't wanna bother you...