Tuesday, December 21

Today We Put Our Christmas Tree Up.

We finally put our tree up, with 3 days to go til Christmas. It's quite pretty but it still doesn't put me in the Christmas mood.

It doesn't feel like Christmas though, despite the fact that I'm typing this on a laptop in the living room and I can see the Christmas tree right now, straight infront of me. Normally at Christmas time, it's stinkin' hot and we spend the day in one of our relatives pools.

But today it was freezing cold and it rained! In Summer! Apparently it snowed in the Australian Alps today.

It just feels like any other winter day.

I think that the reason that it doesn't feel like Christmas is because of the weather. And it can be sunny all year around so I don't just associate the weather with Christmas, like all you Americans associate now with Christmas. Besides, you get snow just at Christmas time, not all year round.

I'm pretty sure that some plague or something has hit Australia. None of the other Australian blogs I follow really feel like it's Christmas either. I call it the it-doesn't-feel-like-Christmas-plague.


↘Cassidy↙ said...

i live in america. yes, it has snowed, and i'm excited about christmas in heckin july! (it doesn't SNOW in july, but...) btw, i didn't know you lived in austrailia. that's cool. and we got our christmas tree about a week ago. my brothers have already broken an ornament! :)

Lily said...

Hmmmmm. i don't have an argument to your first point! Must just be my Grinch-iness! :P Yes, Australia is a cool country except for the fact that the Glee Tour and my other favourite singers barely ever come here. I'm like, a control freak so if my brother's even just jumping around near the tree, I yell at him to stop. haha. :P

Have a Merry Christmas,